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Barbados turning luxuriously green

New upmarket eco chic developments in Barbados' St Philip's just unveiled

Having instituted a green programme at the upmarket Crane Resorts - the business is starting from scratch just down the coast creating a whole new eco-friendly development.

Crane resorts has expanded dramatically over the course of the last few years, from an original 18 rooms, the 128 year old Crane Beach Hotel now has over 252 luxurious accommodations - all created via internal cash flow. Quite an impressive success story.

But even more impressive is the fact that all this has been done with a full CSR programme in mind.

Apart from the usual social costs and engagement with local businesses, managing utility consumption sustainably is a key issue - and at the Crane water is a big deal.

The Crane has over 100 individual pools which require not only a substantial body of water but also a significant pump requirement. And on top of all this there are the usual massive resort energy requirements.

Having created systems to manage all this - and save a substantial amount of energy, water and thus money - the Crane is starting from scratch with a new-build development just down the coast overlooking Skeete's Bay Beach and Culpepper Island.

Here, on the 1% of the East coast that is outside of the Barbados National Park, 45 free standing beach houses and a boutique hotel are taking shape.

These are expensive, luxury properties that have been designed to be very, very green too.

And it's simple to see, even from outside. The terraced single story design is a bold departure - seeking to camouflage rather than emphasise the properties. The green landscape which the buildings displace has been moved to the roofs.

Naturally the lessons learnt in energy conservation at Crane Resorts has been applied in this luxury development.

Although, the luxury has not been stinted. Infinity pools with hot tubs, floor to ceiling glass windows, open-air bathrooms, sensational kitchens, amazing views and total privacy in an eco-friendly development is a combination that will open hearts and minds.

Valere Tjolle

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