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Free places left for young experts in online global seminar

Green destinations seminar reserves 5 free places

The Green Destinations Seminar has reserved 5 more places for free participation, especially for young experts from Africa, China, Argentina, Canada, and Australia-Pacific. They will learn how to make their tourism destination more sustainable, attractive and competitive and how to become a true Green Destination.

The 1st English edition of the seminar will start soon, bringing together participants from around the globe, incl. Chile (Easter Island), Colombia, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, India (Sikkim), Viet Nam, Philippines, and China.

Green Destinations is a seminar series for destination management officers, environmental experts, and consultants can gain and exchange experience on how to make tourism destinations more sustainable, attractive and competitive.

Participants will also learn about: GSTC1 & GSTR2, awards & certifications; best practices, funding programmes and marketing opportunities.

How to become a Green Destination:

Seminar in English: September - 19 December 2014.

Seminar in Dutch (Nederlands): 15 October 2014 - 31 January 2015.

Seminars in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Greek, Turkish: dates to be announced. Optional: the seminar is complemented with live workshops, and a GSTC Course.

Participants will receive: live and online training, workshops led by expert trainers, webinars, a reader, Green Destinations Manual, regular newsletters, personal expert support in preparation of your destination's recognition/award, a Seminar Diploma, and 50% discount to the GSTC Course.

If you want to work responsibly and successfully in making tourism in your destination more sustainable and competitive it is important to know:

  • What is a sustainable destination?
  • How sustainable is your destination?
  • How sustainable are your tourism businesses?
  • Which actions to take and priorities to set for improvement?
  • How to monitor progress in your destination?
  • Which good practices, tools, networks and financial instruments to use?
  • How to get international recognition?
  • How to promote and market your green offer?

The Green Destinations seminars and workshops are using and combining the best available international tools for learning and training, including the official GSTC Course, the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), the DestiNet Knowledge Base, Sustainable tourism award & certification programmes, best practice examples, and the Travel Green Europe marketing package.

Tourism management officers, experts and consultants are invited to gain latest insights in sustainable coastal tourism, and learn how to make your destination sustainable and more attractive to visitors, making use of the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), which is a tool to implement the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations (GSTC-D), issued by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Experts who would like to become a Green Destinations-GSTR, or QualityCoast expert, representative, national coordinator, trainer, auditor or seminar moderator, are especially encouraged to participate.

First seminar in English - Start in September 2014

Participants can start in English any date until 23 September. Those who register will receive an information package, enabling them to attend the 23-24 Sept. workshops well-prepared.

23 Sept.: Keynote presentation by Albert Salman (EUCC): 23 September (morning). Afternoon: Green Coastal Tourism Workshop. Participation is part of the Littoral'14 Conference. Participation fee is €50 (one day), please check in: .

24 Sept.: morning session, only open for Green Destinations Seminar participants. Seminar activities will continue until 19 Dec. 2014.

Director: Albert Salman (Green Destinations; CMU-EUCC).

Moderators & trainers of the seminar series include: prof. Ramunas Povilanskas (EUCC Baltic Office, University of Klaipeda), Siegfried Manzel (Green Destinations; Green-Guides, Germany), Suzanne van der Veeken (Green Destinations, Spain; QualityCoast), Herbert Hamele (GSTC, DestiNet), and Gordon Sillence (DestiNet). Assistant moderator: Hugo de Jong (Green Destinations).

Further information: contact: [email protected].

Valere Tjolle @ValereTjolle [email protected]

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