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Top ten tourism issues for 2015

Security, sustainability, social issues all make top 10

Gathering information from university discussions, conferences and seminars, tourism documents, Internet, survey information, industry data, books, articles, and publications, utilization of a modified Delphi approach to gather certain research information, and comments from interested colleagues, students, and others - Dr David L Edgell has come up with his annual 10 Important world tourism issues for 2015.

They are:

  • Impact on the travel and tourism industry resulting from the global economic slowdown   
  • Concerns for safety and security remains an important issue for the travel and tourism industry
  • Importance of maintaining a destination's sustainability regarding social, cultural, natural and built resources
  • Necessity for increased local/regional/national leadership in tourism policy and strategic planning
  • Resolving barriers to travel: visas, fuel price increases, airline/transportation fees, and airline delays
  • Educating users about optimizing use of new technologies in the tourism industry
  • Understanding the transformative effect that travel and tourism has on global socio-economic progress
  • Effect on travel and tourism from natural/manmade disasters and with respect to world political disruptions
  • Responding to increased interest in potential long-term consequences of climate change on tourism
  • Changes in tourism demand resulting from increased travel by emerging nations

Or - do you know different?

More info HERE

Valere Tjolle

@ValereTjolle [email protected]





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