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Report SPECIAL OFFER: Stupidity, Denial and Cynicism our Biggest Enemies


The first monthly Sustainable Tourism Report is out at the end of the week. It outlines sustainable tourism’s biggest current challenges and opportunities.

Vision readers get a free copy of the 2009 Sustainable Tourism Report acclaimed Cheat Sheet and vodcast (value £50 $75 €60) when purchasing an annual subscription to the report.

Said Valere Tjolle, report editor “We are currently facing ten major challenges on our route to sustainable tourism and survival of our industry and, indeed, ourselves. Each challenge also represents at least one major commercial opportunity. The challenges are apparent; the opportunities are clearly set out. There are only three things that will stop us from reaching a high point for the world, and the tourism industry.”

“Firstly, we cannot rely on brute force and blind stupidity to motivate and protect us – each of us really have to understand and contemplate the issues for our own safety. Secondly, there is absolutely no point in denying that these crucial, mortal challenges are upon us, our society, and our businesses – there is little chance that they aren’t and we can’t afford to take the risk anyway. Thirdly cynicism and  blame of others – our current hideout - is useless – when our grandchildren ask the question, we’ll need to answer for ourselves – not anyone else.”

“Current initiatives may well help – the Copenhagen Summit will open many opportunities, as may the US Cap and Trade Bill. The movement towards local food in tourism destinations, too will deliver commercial potential. However, the potential for mass climate change migration, painful water shortages all over the world and the social and cultural stresses on global travellers security are highly dangerous, even if we overcome the current economic crises and the looming health issues.”

“This month’s report sets out the challenges, which are great, and the opportunities for everyone in the tourism industry, which we think are greater.”

The updates will comprise around 20 pages each month plus a 10-20 min video podcast. They will draw on all the major published sources, including research for articles published in and The updates will also put current news into context. The format will allow for in-depth analytical reporting.

For further information contact: [email protected]

Annual subscriptions will also benefit from a FREE copy of the acclaimed VISION vodcast and Sustainable Tourism Report Cheat Sheet ‘10 Challenges = 10 Opportunities’, (current list price UK£50 US$75 €60)

The cost of the monthly updates will be UK£25 US$40 €35 per month; annual subscription UK£200, US$320 €300

Sustainable Tourism Report Update is designed to benefit:

•    Accommodation providers (from B&B’s to international hotel groups)
•    Tour operators & travel agents
•    Tourism attraction operators
•    Ground handling companies & receptive agents
•    Meetings, incentives, conference, exhibition organizers & venue finders
•    Airlines
•    Cruise & ferry companies
•    Railway, coach, car hire and other transportation companies
•    Tourist boards and destination marketing agencies– local, regional and national
•    Community tourism organizations
•    Banks & NGO’s with an interest in tourism
•    Travel & Tourism Schools and Colleges
•    Communication organisations (PR and media) with an interest in travel & tourism
•    Consultancy companies




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