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Green Globe Certification names locations for Green Globe Summits

Puerto Vallarta – summit location

Green Globe Certification has identified locations for autumn 2009 and spring 2010 Green Globe Summits. Green Globe Summits offer a unique opportunity for interested businesses, hotels and individuals to attend a conference focused on all issues around achieving the world's most recognized certification label. The 3-day conferences include introduction to new and existing Green Globe Certification products such as ...

GREEN GLOBE INDEX – Diagnosing sustainability
GREENREVMAX - Maximizing Sustainability
EAP - Environmental Awareness Program
GREEN GLOBE EVENTS - Guidelines and Certification of Events

The conferences also offer the opportunity for Environmental Training to gain credit towards a Green Globe Certification as well as Independent Accredited Auditor Training.

Locations identified included Mayan Riviera, Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Greece, Jamaica, Barbados and South America.

Individual dates will be announced shortly.

Green Globe International, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide owner of the Green Globe brand, the premier international symbol for the environmental responsibility and response to global climate change. The Green Globe brand and program trace their roots back to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where 182 Heads of State endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of Sustainable Development. The brand is currently utilized in a number of applications, including the leading sustainability certification and benchmarking program, carbon footprint calculation and offset programs, and a broad range of consulting services.

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