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It’s time to act.

VISION on Sustainable Tourism has teamed up with the Green Globe Index and negotiated VISION readers a very simple and very effective step on the ladder of sustainable tourism success – FREE.

Green Globe Index is the only internationally recognised programme that is available to all sizes of company in the travel and tourism industry. A Green Globe Index entry will enable you to benchmark your performance globally and nationally, providing your prospective and existing clients, suppliers and stakeholders with an internationally recognised index.

Try it now – it cannot but benefit you AND IT’S FREE FOR THE FIRST MONTH. From only $85 a year thereafter.

Act NOW – go to For a FREE TRIAL use the promotional code: VIS42456
Getting sustainable tourism indexed now with Green Globe Index means that you can…

•    Get on the sustainable tourism ladder immediately
•    Address a global audience of sustainable tourism buyers
•    Assess and improve your own sustainability performance
•    Assess and improve your supply chain sustainability
•    Showcase your achievements to the globe

It’s easy to use, you get

•    Online data entry and webinar support.
•    Ranking by category and performance.
•    Scope 1 & 2 measurement of carbon emissions
•    Analysis of performance in 8 main subsets, including policy strength, water use, energy use, waste management, supply chain management and carbon reduction attainment.
•    Inclusion on the Green Globe global index to support sustainable purchasing by corporate buyers and consumers.
•    Reliable data supported by random auditing

The more sustainable you are, the more it shows:

•    Your data submission uses a scoring system to create your ranking in the Green Globe
•    The ranking results will show you how you compare to all other users in your country and all users in your specific sector both globally and nationally. This allows you to understand your relative performance.
•    Your ranking may be updated at any time during a 365 day period and will change with each submission and update you make.
•    All types of company in the travel and tourism supply chain can use the Green Globe Index
•    Green Globe Index users can get licences for their suppliers at a preferential rate.

Act NOW – go to For a FREE TRIAL use the promotional code: VIS42456



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