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Sustainability for market advantage goes like this:


Sustainability is an Imperative  
Although it is possible to deny it, we are all well aware that the clock is ticking and  
unless we take action pretty soon to reduce our emissions, and lead more harmonious  
lives, something bad will happen.
<a href="">Accenture</a>

•    People suspect “Greenwash”  
Less and less people believe what they’re told. In particular, they suspect the use of  
disingenuous marketing tactics to gain market advantage and profit.
<a href="">Greenwash</a>  

•    But they want to do the right thing  
They really want to support an honest effort to assist them, their children and  
grandchildren to live fulfilled lives and avoid environmental, social and economic  
consequences of mistakes.  

•    Although they feel they may not be able to afford it  
The status quo feels more comfortable than an unknown cost. People will trade down  
on cost and value to avoid the loss of items and events they perceive are part of their  
normal lives.  
<a href="">Bloomberg</a>

•    They want to follow  
The biggest motivator is not to be thought of as different or excluded  

•    And they want to be told what to do  
It does make life easier to have trusted leaders.  

•    Gradually sustainability is becoming “comme il faut” – Conformity  
Which is the right, and most comfortable, place to be <a href="$18140021">MorganLovell</a>

•    Market leaders/first movers/early adopters have led there  
The “Cultural Creatives” worked it out first  

•    The Organic Fair Trade Grocers were first  
Just look at the sales figures <a href="">Sainsburyt</a>

•    The world is changing dramatically, so we have to react  
The travel and tourism business will follow and sustainable tourism will move from  
niche to mainstream.  

•    All you need to do to lead the way is to establish your credentials beyond any  

Valere Tjolle



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