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It's Not Just One Economy We're Battling With It's Nine! Says Report

This year’s Sustainable Tourism Report starts off with the statement:

“It’s a fallacy to believe that the tourism economy is just about money. The fact is that global tourism interacts with a number of cross-dependent economies – the cash economy, of course; the physical environment economy; the climate economy; the food economy; the fuel economy; the water economy; the cultural economy, the social economy and the population economy.

“And, it appears that we’re becoming overdrawn in all of them. We’re now making the choice between further extending our borrowing or bringing our expenditure into check. But, of course, it isn’t our generation that has to pay the ultimate bill, which will finally be faced by succeeding generations.”

The report goes on to highlight each of the economies effected by tourism and outline the challenges and opportunities that tourism has in each of these areas.

Whether it’s in the climate economy, the cultural economy, or any of the others that tourism interacts with – the tourism industry is able to either make a positive contribution or a negative one, the report claims.

Although the financial economy is the top priority at the moment, the other challenges appear to be lined up for engagement.

For instance, we are told that, unless we act now, climate change will be making our world uninhabitable, half the world’s population could face food shortages by the end of the century, fuel prices could go through the roof,  a water crisis is imminent, and the world’s population could nearly double in the next forty years.

Tourism can help to ameliorate all these challenges rather than making them even more dangerous.

The report is priced at:
Commercial entities & NGOs: UK£200, US$300, €240
Students & educational establishments: UK£100, US$150, €120
Any one of the 12 sections may be purchased individually at UK£25, US$38, €30 each.

VISION on Sustainable Tourism readers can benefit from a 50% discount on the above prices for orders made by 3 April 2009 ONLY

For further details and to order email: [email protected]



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