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ECOT Calls April Human Rights Tourism Conference
ECOT has announced preliminary details of its forthcoming 2008 International 25th Anniversary Conference. The conference e-Forming Tourism Transforming Tourismis to review 25 years of worldwide advocacy work on human rights in tourism is to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand 3-5 April.

Human-rightsIt will provide a forum for dialogue among professionals from the ecumenical, grassroots, political and tourism-industry context to discuss the challenges for the people wlooking at the industry driven globalized tourism in today times. The conference will focus on how tourism policies have to further address today needs with respect to social and ecological changes, and how tourism companies and consumers/tourists must act in a more ethical and responsible way and behaviour taking into account the often negative economic, political, social, cultural and ecological impacts of their activities.

The conference also seeks to address issues around the role and responsibilities of faith based organizations with regards to tourism, especially in highly indebted and less developed countries (HIPC) of Africa and Asia. Issues such as HIV & AIDS in tourism, tourism and women empowerment, sexual exploitation and human trafficking, and possible responses will be high on the agenda.

The conference will comprise a number of workshops and presentation as well as panel discussions of renowned experts.

The conference will provide a networking platform for activists of the South and concerned people and groups of the North.

Themes of the conference will include:
Tourism and Debt relief a development issue
Poverty, AIDS and Tourism a global challenge
Women in Tourism: threats and opportunities
Tourism and Theology
Responsible Tourism: disaster preparedness

More detailed information about the conference will be available shortly. Enquiries regarding this event should be directed to [email protected]

Valere Tjolle

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