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Planeta Spotlights Tourism and Climate Change in 2008 has announce that Tourism and Climate Change is one of their spotlight topics for 2008. Participants will share research, personal stories, photos and videos about the environmental impact of transportation, climate change research and the slow travel movement.

Planeta Spotlight TourismTourism depends on the natural environment and climate changes are making a substantial impact on travel. Likewise, travel contributes to carbon emissions that alter the global environment. The relationships among tourism, climate change, sustainability, biodiversity and economic development are complex and until recently have not been studied in depth.

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Discussion takes place on the Planeta Forum as well as other outlets on the Web keeping an eye on new Facebook and Flickr groups.


Planeta will be updating the Tourism and Climate Change guide on a regular basis and will present an overview of critical issues, resources and global action plans in presentations to be delivered at conferences.

PLANETA.COM is an award-winning website that presents articles and discussion about the environment and travel. The site debuted in 1994.Travelers will find tips on choosing eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly trips. Professionals will find a number of helpful resources, including the Exploring Ecotourism Resource Guide.


Tourism and Climate Change


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lorna allen
04th December 2008 , 01:29:51 GMT
Best story-Planeta Spotlights Tourism and Climate Change in 2008
Best story-Planeta Spotlights Tourism and Climate Change in 2008

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