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Planeta Focuses on Food in 2008
Planeta has announced that Food, Health and Building Communities is one of its spotlight topics for 2008. They will highlight local food, slow food, food miles and wild food.

"Come hungry," says founder Ron Mader. "Foodies play a critical role in promoting responsible travel and ecotourism. Choosing what we eat and where we eat goes a long way in building communities and improving the health of travelers and locals alike.


The dialogue begins with the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Look for guided and self-guided tours focusing on the integration of food and markets.

Mexico has one of the premiere cuisines in the world, noted for its diversity and innovative culinary and medicinal traditions. will be updating a number of features that provide background for visitors to the country's traditional markets and those interested in the growing slow food movement.


As consumers around the world become aware of the carbon footprint of the purchases and travels they make, a new term is causing global debate. Introducing food miles. Labels on food items show the distance that food travels from the time of its production until it reaches the consumer and its accompanying contribution to environmental pollution.

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An ongoing e-conference, Food, Health and Building Communities will take place on the Web as well as feature traditional and innovative events on the ground.


Planeta will be updating the Food, Health and Building Communities guide on a regular basis and will present an overview of critical issues, resources and global action plans in presentations to be delivered at conferences.

Valere Tjolle


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