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o Ecotourism?Says Green Travel Campaigner

In an open letter to the Green Travel Group, Megan Epler Wood, a long time Green Travel Campaigner, points to the misapprehension of green travel issues in the press

ear Green Travel,

EcotourismYes in my nearly 20 years of working with the media on ecotourism issues, I have always noticed that the New York Times travel editorial writers do not seem to understand the relationship between environment and tourism, and how that will have to define how people travel in the next century. While many said that ecotourism was a fad in the early 1990s, now we see that it has become a key part of how travel markets have evolved around the world.

Now we are seeing that travelers and the businesses that serve them must define environmental responsibile tourism in even more comprehensive ways because of the carbon crisis.

I think we who subscribe to Green Travel all would agree that the
mainstream media that covers travel needs to begin to understand that green tourism and all of the factors related to managing tourism sustainably around the world has to be part of the major media's focus in the next decade, or they will be truly misunderstanding how tourism must be designed and delivered worldwide in the years to come.

Megan Epler Wood


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