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Global Ecotourism conference to Discuss Transforming the Travel Industry

Global Ecotourism Conference to be held in Oslo.

Ecotourism ConferenceThe last time the global community gathered to discuss the state of global ecotourism was in 2002, the International Year of Ecotourism (IYE). "IYE was the 'coming out' event for an industry that was growing largely under the radar screen of most observers. Today, everyone recognizes the impact of ecotourism on the world stage, and we're now in the position to improve our practices and refine our focus. This conference is an ideal opportunity to do that," said Dave Sollitt the International Ecotourism Society's new Executive Director.

GEC07 topics will include: Ecotourism and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites,
Training and Education Standards, Certification and Labels, Poverty and Sustainable Development, Marketing , Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility, Climate Change, Fair trade, Tourism Architecture & Landscaping, Ecotourism and Indigenous Peoples and The Role of Ecotourism in Transforming the Travel Industry.

The conference will be held at the Holmenkollen Park Hotel in Oslo, Norway, May 14-16th and Lone Lamark, Project Manager of Ecotourism Norway, noted there are still openings for people to participate in the conference. "Our conference will be held at a beautiful, historic location in the 'green belt' surrounding the capital of Norway. We look forward to welcoming the global ecotourism community to Oslo".  

The summit will be covered in depth by   who will be hosting webinars, an online forum and presenting TV coverage and interviews from the event.

Valere Tjolle


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