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Cycling Among Wolves in Belarus

ECEATRaising awareness about environment and nature is always difficult. Even more when the country is known as "the last dictatorship of Europe". Although it became independent in 1991, its president still governs the country in an authoritarian and restricted way. Nevertheless, Belarus realizes that opening itself to abroad ... and to tourism can be very useful.

As a first step the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT), has managed to organize a "solidarity cycling tour", which will bring together volunteers from Western Europe and from Belarus this year.Lasting thirty days, but divided into three periods of ten days, the expedition will cover about 800 kilometres of beautiful eco-corridors and typical villages. Cycling one day out of two, the fifteen volunteers from western Europe (and as many Belarus volunteers) will dedicate the rest of their time to meetings, workshops, discussions and debates with the local population.

Belarus has the biggest population of bears, wolves and lynx in Europe, and its biodiversity is one of the most preserved. ECEAT wishes to lead Belarusians to achieving private initiatives towards the aims of getting benefits from tourism, protecting and taking care at the same time of their culture and environment.

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Valere Tjolle


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