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Writing Journeys and Places Colloquium invites papers

Theme-Green-travelTo celebrate its 5th year (and to celebrate also the 10th anniversary of the journal Studies in Travel Writing), the Writing Journeys and Places colloquium is inviting papers that consider the theme of green travel from any disciplinary angle. Questions that might be addressed include:

? Who are the travel writers who do most to promote environmental consciousness?
? Is it possible to perceive different traditions of green travel writing, either across different cultures and time periods or within a culture and/or period?
? By what means do writers construct themselves rhetorically as  green travellers, and what are the characteristic tropes and topoi of environmentally-minded travel writing?

Participants coming from sociological and anthropological backgrounds might also like to consider:

? the practices by which the figure of the green traveller is  constructed and defined;
? the relationship of such practices to other forms of travel and tourism;
? and the extent to which notions of green travel have either genuinely changed the larger tourist industry, or else been co-opted by it.

"As always, we would like the emphasis to fall for the most part on the writing of travel experiences and travel personae, although  papers need not be limited to this topic. We would also welcome papers that address green traditions, and environmentalist tropes and  conventions, in other media such as photography, art, film and television." The colloquium organiser commented

For more information, or to offer a paper, contact  [email protected] . The deadline for paper proposals is 5th January 2007.

The colloquium takes place 23rd-24th March, 2007 St John's College, Oxford Costs: ?15

Valere Tjolle


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