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Responsible Tourism and the Media - Research Published

"Does the media hold back on negative tourism issues to sell holidays?" Asks author

Responsible-TourismNew research has been published into the relationship between responsible tourism and the media to see whether newspapers are aware of the principles of responsible tourism. Are the newspaper travel supplements discussing the real issues of the impacts of tourism on the world, and not just promoting "eco" holidays because they are fashionable? Questions the report.

"As the tourism industry starts to show real signs of taking a more responsible approach to tourism, in terms of understanding the economic, environmental, cultural and social impacts of tourism in any destination, it is questionable whether the travel media is prepared to follow suit. Many argue that travel articles are a marketing tool to sell holidays and, consequently, writers and editors hold back on any negative issues relating to tourism. Post Tsunami, however, there was a sudden change in the journalistic style attached to travel features, raising socio-economic and environmental issues related to travel which had been overlooked by the glossy travel journalism available before this tragic event."

"Information relating to responsible tourism is widely available among academic sources, and more recently within the tourist industry itself. The travel media has great potential to inform tourists about a more responsible form of tourism."

"The report main motivation was to explore this potential and discuss the influence of the media on tourism and, consequently, the importance of its educative role in informing readers about changing their consumer patterns when buying a holiday. The media has the power to discuss any issues it chooses, and if the travellers of today and tomorrow are well-informed and educated by the travel press they choose to read, this will make a huge contribution to achieving a more responsible form of tourism throughout the world." Said author Catherine Mack

Copies of the report are available. Email [email protected]  

Valere Tjolle


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