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SNV/ODI develops Toolbox for Tourism Development

Economic-impactRecently, the Dutch development agency SNV collaborated with ODI to develop a "Toolbox to boost local economic impact of tourism" also supported by the UNWTO. The "Toolbox" is principally based on the results of a regional tourism workshop held jointly by SNV and Rwanda's ORTPN in Kigali, Rwanda in October 2006. SNV South and East Africa brought together tourism practitioners to present and exchange experiences relating to government incentives to boost economic impacts of tourism.

The workshop (and consequently "Toolbox") also drew on "Action Research" by SNV advisors in six countries and brought together SNV advisors and partners from East and Southern African countries. Further technical input was provided by ODI which drew on ODI and others research which is helping to reveal how tourism affects local participants and which contextual factors or initiatives can enhance these impacts.

Tourism development case histories in the toolbox include Ethiopia, Lao PDR, Tunisia and the Gambia. The toolbox also includes methods of boosting local inputs into hotel supply chains, stimulating tourism micro-enterprises, boosting local craft and tourist shopping, boosting job opportunities for the poor, facilitating destination-level partnerships, diversifying the destination - including more products for the poor, using government roles to influence private sector behaviour, facilitating private sector and community partnerships, pro-poor policy making, addressing cultural and social and physical impacts and addressing strategic choices.

The toolbox is intended to be of use to decision-makers in Africa, particularly in government, who wish to harness tourism more effectively as a tool for local development.

A copy of the toolbox is available as a .pdf file from:

[email protected]

Valere Tjolle


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