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First Global-Warming Tourism Forecast warns industry

Global-warming"Climate Change and the Visitor Economy" - a 40-page report by a group of North West England academics - has just been released. The report indicates
that global warming - previously thought to be beneficial to the UK tourism industry - will present many dangers.

The report advocates good management and better planning by the tourism industry to exploit future opportunities. Marketing strategies should also consider the potential vulnerability of locations and efforts made to direct visitors to more robust attractions and areas. Business opportunities may well arise to provide services to reduce visitor impacts,while increasing specialisation of visitors will see new market niches being opened up.

The report highlights the possibility of considerable climate-related risks to valuable landscapes and the detailed impacts on different landscape character areas need to be better understood. In the face of climate change visitor facilities may need to be upgraded to ensure continued quality of visitor experience under more extreme conditions. The visitor economy also needs to address its "ecological footprint", particularly its contribution to global warming. Promotion of domestic breaks, improvements in green accreditation schemes, greater use of public transport and more efficient use of resources are areas that could be addressed.
copy report available from [email protected]


Valere Tjolle


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