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Planeta Tourism Survey Results "Alarming"

PlanteaThe sustainable tourism website, recently polled its members as to their opinions of Tourist Boards. Planeta's Tourism Marketing Survey was created to show how satisfied tourism professionals are with tourism promotion at the national and international levels. How do they rank government campaigns and websites? Do they know which PR firms handle the government accounts? And do tourism professionals have suggestions on making improvements?

Respondents have given government marketing campaigns around the world a low mark. Comments indicate that in country and outbound travel operators
either do not know the PR agencies that represent the country or have limited to no relations.

"These are alarming results for those interested in ecotourism and responsible travel as it indicates that rather than promoting what's available, the promotion departments are seen as an obstacle, particularly for in-country small and medium businesses. In the coming months we will be exploring ways to heal the disconnect between operators and marketing campaigns" said Ron Mader of Planeta.


Valere Tjolle


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