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UNWTO Initiative To Support Tourism Regeneration In Lebanon

UNWTOFrancesco Frangialli, UNWTO Secretary General called on world leaders to use the power of tourism to build new global bridges of understanding between states. Frangialli said "Islam, which encourages travel for pilgrimage, has many characteristics in common with tourism such as tolerance, openness and hospitality. This is the reason why so many Muslim countries have long established themselves as successful destinations on the world tourism map. And in so doing, help to diversify their economies, create jobs for young people and, at the same time, revitalize their cultural heritage and awareness."

"We will do our best to hold our Regional Commission for the Middle East before the end of the year in Beirut, Lebanon - a country bruised by the conflict that has taken place on its soil. In this way, we wish to send a strong message of determination and confidence to the tourism industry of Lebanon and the world in general that we believe in the peaceful redevelopment of this country the neighbouring countries and of the region as a whole."

Valere Tjolle


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